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I’ve been arrested. What are my rights?  Task

If you’ve been arrested, you could be held in police custody which means you could be searched and questioned at a police station. The police custody officer will explain your rights. 

I’ve been charged. What happens now?  Task

If you have been charged this means that you have been officially accused of a crime. You will be given a ‘charge sheet’. The charge sheet will tell you about the crime you have been accused of. 

MG Forms  Task

Please note that this is a guidance note on what each MG Form is used for. If you are looking for access to a downloadable or viewable version of the MG Forms, please view our Document Finder here.

The police are at my house with a warrant, what are my rights?  Task

The police have powers to enter and search your home. Usually, this requires a warrant, but there are some instances where the police can enter your home without a warrant.