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Am I allowed to use the phone in prison, and who can I call?  Task

There are phones that you can use when you’re in prison.  

Can my loved ones visit me in prison?  Task

Your loved ones can visit you when you’re in prison. This includes your partner and close family members.  

Categorisation of adult male prisoners  Task

Categorising means deciding how much security you will need in prison. Your Category determines the type of prison you will go to. 

How do I locate or find a prisoner?  Task

Use the Prisoner Location Service to find which prison someone is in. 

I’m about to be released from prison – what do I need to know?  Task

There are things you can do to help get ready for release from prison, including thinking about housing, benefits and who can help you in the community. Your Offender Supervisor can help you as you plan for your release. 

I’m scared of going to prison – what is it like?  Task

When you start your sentence, you will go through a reception process where you will be interviewed, given a prison number and a release date, and searched to check you are not hiding anything that you should not have.

Types of prison sentences  Task

A prison sentence is one of the punishments a judge or magistrate can issue if a person is found guilty of a crime. Prison sentences can also be called ‘custodial sentences’.  

What does being ‘on licence’ mean?  Guide

Being released ‘on licence’ means that you’re freed from prison before your sentence is complete, but you must stick to a set of rules for the rest of your sentence. These rules are known as the licence conditions.  

What does being released on Temporary Licence mean?  Task

Release on Temporary Licence (ROTL) means being able to leave prison for a short period of time. The Temporary Licence is the permission that allows you to leave, and the type of Licence indicates the reason the permission was granted. 

What happens if I get ill when I am in prison?  Task

If you get ill in prison, you will receive the same healthcare and treatment as anyone outside of prison.