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Introduction to the Criminal Justice Hub

What is the Criminal Justice Hub for?

The Criminal Justice Hub is a free online resource helping you to navigate and understand the Criminal Justice System in England and Wales.

It also aims to show you how to make requests and access information about criminal justice agencies and departments.

You can also use the site to find out information that regulators hold about criminal justice agencies and departments.

How does the site work?

There are ultimately two ways of using the site to find and locate content. You can use the search facility at the top right of any page or the main search bar on our homepage.

If you are looking for guidance or advice on a particular matter you can search within our Tasks and Guides section to filter out non-relevant content.

What if I see a task or guide I feel to be inappropriate?

See our House Rules for more information on how we expect people to use this site.

If you believe a request is not suitable, you can report it for attention by the site administrators.

Why are there some tasks and guides I can’t report?

If a task or guide has already been reported to the site administrators, you can’t report it a second time – this is to prevent the administrators from being notified multiple times about the same issue before they’ve had a chance to conduct a review.

Where a request that you think should be taken down has been previously reported, but a decision has been made not to remove it from public view, you can use the form in the footer of the website page to contact the administrators.

How many people use the Criminal Justice Hub?

We will soon provide a live map that shows the number of visitors who are accessing and using our resource.

Who makes the Criminal Justice Hub?

The Criminal Justice Hub is run and maintained by Conviction. Conviction is a registered community interest company in England and Wales (no. 11727073) and a registered data controller (no. ZA481204). The Conviction board members form the governing body of the organisation and are ultimately responsible for controlling the management and administration of the organisation. Conviction’s registered office is Conviction, Office One, 1 Coldbath Square, London, EC14 5HL.

Conviction is not a public body.

The site has been built with no funding and a lot of hard work and dedication from a small team of dedicated volunteers.

If you like what we’re doing, then you can make a donation.

How can I keep up with news about the Criminal Justice Hub?

We have a blog and we’re on Facebook and Twitter too.