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Erskine May Abbreviations

5 November 2021

Abbreviation Description
2RC Second Reading Committee
AC Law Reports, Appeal Cases
ACTR Australian Capital territory reports
AIR All India Reports
All ER All England Law Reports, 1942–date
ALJR Australian Law Journal Reports
ALR Australian Law Reports
App Appendix
App Cas Law Reports, Appeal Cases, 1975–1890
arts articles
B Bidder’s Locus Standi Reports, 1920–1936
C Paper presented to Parliament by Royal Command, 1870–1900
Cav Deb Sir Henry Cavendish’s Debates of the House of Commons, 2 volumes, 1768–1771 (1841–42)
CFSP Common Foreign and Security Policy
Ch App Law Reports, Chancery Appeals, 1865–1875
CJ Journals of the House of Commons
cl clause
CLR Commonwealth Law Reports
Cm Paper presented to the House of Commons by Royal Command, 1986–date
Cmd Paper presented to the House of Commons by Royal Command, 1919–1956
Cmnd Paper presented to the House of Commons by Royal Command, 1956–1986
Co Committee
Colchester Charles Abbot, Lord Colchester, Diary and Correspondence, 3 volumes (1861)
Con LR Construction Law Reports
CPA Commonwealth Parliamentary Association
C & R Clifford and Rickards’ Locus Standi Reports, 1873–1884
CRR Canadian Rights Reporter
C & S Clifford and Stephens’ Locus Standi Reports, 1867–1872
CSCE Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe
Denison J E Denison, Notes from my Journal when Speaker (1900)
d’Ewes Sir Symonds D’Ewes, Journal of all the Parliaments during the reign of Queen Elizabeth (1682) (facsimile reprint 1973)
DLC Delegated Legislation Committee
DLR Dominion law Reports [Canada], series 1–4, 1912–date
Dow & Ry (KB) Dowling and Ryland’s Reports, King’s Bench, 1822–1827
Ecc LJ Ecclesiastical Law Journal
ECHR European Court of Human Rights
EHRR European Human Rights Reports
EM Explanatory Memorandum
EN Explanatory Notes
ER English Reports of all decisions previous to 1866, 178 volumes (1900–1930)
Euro Co European Committee
EVEL ‘English Votes for English Laws’
EWCA Court of Appeal judgement (England and Wales)
EWHC High Court judgment (England and Wales)
ex p Ex parte
F Federal Reporter
FCA Federal Court of Australia
FCO Foreign and Commonwealth Office
F (HL) Fraser’s Court of Session cases, Fifth Series
Grey Deb Ed Anchitell Grey, Debates of the House of Commons, 10 volumes, 1667–1684 (1789)
Hatsell John Hatsell, Precedents of Proceedings in the House of Commons, 4 volumes (1818)
HC House of Commons paper
HC(A)A 1978 House of Commons (Administration) Act 1978
HC Deb Parliamentary Debates (Official Report of the House of Commons) (Hansard) (1909–date)
HL House of Lords paper
HL Deb Parliamentary Debates (Official Report of the House of Lords) (Hansard) (1909–date)
IPSA Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority
IPU Inter-Parliamentary Union
Ir Eq Irish Reports, Equity, Fourth Series, 1866–1877
IRLR Industrial Relations Law Reports
JP Justice of the Peace
KB Law Reports, King’s Bench
LCO Legislative Competence Order
LJ Journals of the House of Lords
LJ (CH) Law Journal, Chancery, 1822–1946
LRCP Law Reports, Common Pleas, 1865–1875
LR Eq Law Reports, Equity, 1865–1875
LR HL Law Reports, English and Irish Appeals, 1866–1875
LSR Locus Standi Reports, 1936–1960, 1960–1983, 1983–1991 and 1991–2006
LT Law Times Reports, 1859–1947
LT (OS) Law Times Reports, Old Series
Mass Massachusetts Reports
Morison WM Morison, Decisions of the Court of Session, 1526–1808, 22 volumes (1811)
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NPO National Parliament Office
NSWLR New South Wales Law Reports, 1971–date
NSWSC New South Wales Supreme Court
NZAR New Zealand Administrative Reports
OR Ontario Reports
OSCE Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
Parl Deb Parliamentary Debates, 1803–1908
Parl Hist Parliamentary History of England to 1803
Pat App HL (SC) Paton’s House of Lords Appeals, 1726–1784
PBC Deb Public Bill Committee debates
PC Privy Council
PCPF Parliamentary Contributory Pension Fund
PL Public Law
QB Law Reports, Queen’s Bench Division, 1891–1900, 1952–date
QBD Law Reports, Queen’s Bench Division, 1875–1890
QSC Queensland Supreme Court Reports
r rule
R & M Rickards and Michael’s Locus Standi reports, 1885–1889
Rot Parl Ed J Strachey and J Pridden, Rotuli Parliamentorum, 1278–1503, 6 volumes (1832)
R & S Rickards and Saunders’ Locus Standi Reports, 1890–1894
s section
SA South African Law Reports
S & A Saunders and Austin’s Locus Standi Reports, 1895–1904
SASR South Australian State Reports, 1865–date
S & B Saunders and Bibber’s Locus Standi reports, 1905–1919
SC Session Cases
sch Schedule
SCR Canadian Law Reports (Supreme Court), 1949–date
Sc Stg Co Scottish Standing Committee
SEM Supplementary Explanatory Memorandum
SI Statutory Instrument
SLT Scots Law Times, 1893–date
Standing Order Standing Order (private business)
SO No Standing Order (public business)
SOCPA Serious Crime and Police Act 2005
SR (NSW) State Reports, New South Wales, 1901–1970
STC Simon’s Tax Cases, 1973–date
St Co Standing Committee
St Co Deb Standing Committee Debates
State Tr Ed TB and TJ Howell, A Complete Collection of State Trials (1163–1820), 33 volumes (1809–20); and new series (NS) ed J Macdonell (1820–1858), 8 volumes (1888–1898)
TEU Treaty on European Union
TLR Times Law Reports, 1884–date
TNA The National Archives
UKHL House of Lords judgment
UKPC United Kingdom Privy Council decision
UKSC United Kingdom Supreme Court judgment
US United States Supreme Court Reports
VR Victorian Reports
VSCA Victoria Court of Appeal
WH Westminster Hall
WLR Weekly Law Reports
WS Written Ministerial Statements