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1 November 2021

Current most appropriate MAPPA level.

Category A – Level 1
Category A – Level 2
Category A – Level 3
Category B – Level 1
Category B – Level 2
Category B – Level 3
Category C – Level 1
Category C – Level 2
Category C – Level 3

Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) support the assessment and management of the most serious sexual and violent offenders. The aim of MAPPA is to ensure that a risk management plan drawn up for the most serious offenders benefits from the information, skills and resources provided by the individual agencies being coordinated through MAPPA. MAPPA was introduced in 2001 and brought together the Police, Probation and Prison Services into what is known as the MAPPA Responsible Authority. Other agencies are under a duty to co-operate with the Responsible Authority, including social care, health, housing and education services.