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Offence Category Code

6 June 2021

The categories of offences. This covers criminal and non criminal court case/proceedings types i.e. enforcement family licensing and civil complaints and applications.

In the list of values below the code is shown as two alphabetic characters. The text in square brackets is an explanatory note and NOT part of the literal.

CB Non-Offence Breach [i.e. not either way summary or indictable]
CE Either Way
CI Indictable
CM Summary Motoring [Note – CM is separate to CS for Magistrates’ Courts and Home Office statistics purposes ]
CR Civil – Related to Criminal [not officially classed as criminal but impact on a criminal case they need to be recorded on the criminal case rather than treated as a new case (e.g. application to vary bail conditions application for directions application for an order).]
CS Summary Non-motoring [Note – CM is separate to CS for Magistrates’ Courts and Home Office statistics purposes. Note also that traffic and motoring have different definitions e.g. pedal cycle and horse drawn offences are traffic in the Police service but are non motoring in Magistrates’ courts no vehicle excise licence is non motoring for statistical purposes. Categories CM and CS may or may not be imprisonable see Custodial Indicator ]

EF Fines
EM Maintenance Enforcement of Home Account
EX Maintenance Enforcement of Foreign Account

Civil (complaints)
VA Miscellaneous Applications (Civil) e.g. Application to remit forfeiture of a security (Bail Act 1976 section 5(8B))
VP Civil Proceedings e.g. Complaint for Attachment of Earnings Order (Attachment of Earnings Act 1971 section 3)