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OU Code Second Level

1 November 2021

A code to represent the highest physical and/or logical organisation unit level within a Criminal Justice Organisation or an external organisation that accesses the CJS Exchange

Also used within CPR Defendant or Offender.

This Data Element is the FF code only

Police Service:
FF identifies the police force:
01 London – Metropolitan
02 London – Metropolitan
03 Cumbria
04 Lancashire
05 Merseyside
06 Greater Manchester
07 Cheshire
10 Northumbria
11 Durham County
12 North Yorkshire
13 West Yorkshire
14 South Yorkshire
16 Humberside
17 Cleveland
20 West Midlands
21 Staffordshire
22 West Mercia
23 Warwickshire
30 Derbyshire
31 Nottinghamshire
32 Lincolnshire
33 Leicestershire
34 Northamptonshire
35 Cambridgeshire
36 Norfolk
37 Suffolk
40 Bedfordshire
41 Hertfordshire
42 Essex
43 Thames Valley
44 Hampshire
45 Surrey
46 Kent
47 Sussex
48 London – City
50 Devon and Cornwall
52 Avon and Somerset
53 Gloucestershire
54 Wiltshire
55 Dorset
60 North Wales
61 Gwent
62 South Wales
63 Dyfed-Powys

FF CJ Area Codes (based on the Police Force codes shown above but only using 01 for London i.e. not 02 nor 48); national operational units ZZ downwards (to avoid confusion with CJ area Codes and other Police Service codes in the range 01-99); default 00

Magistrates’ Courts
FF CJ Area Codes as for CPS; default 00

Crown Courts
FF CJ Area Codes as for CPS; default 00.

Probation Service
FF CJ Area Codes as for CPS; default 00

Prison Service
FF national operational units ZZ downwards details awaited; default 00 [NOMS planning may affect this structure]

Youth Justice
00 Youth Offending Team
YI Young Offenders Institutes
SC Secure Children’s Homes
ST Secure Training Centres

Other Organisations
FF Organisation Type or Type/Area no current allocations AA upwards (e.g. solicitor barrister victim support scheme)