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Person Remand Status

1 November 2021

This specifies the remand/bail status of a person in the role of a defendant/offender resulting from a court hearing.

For Crown Courts, this is the only means of indicating the person’s remand/bail status following a hearing, because remand/bail is not set at the individual offence level.

For Magistrates’ Courts this data item, if populated, summarises the person’s remand status following a hearing and it is the responsibility of the court to ensure that its value is consistent with the remand status held for each individual offence and that it is updated in line with offence level remand statuses (see Offence Remand Status in the Result Section).

CB Conditional Bail
HO Custody (hospital)
LA Care
NA Not Applicable
PC Police and/or HM Customs Detention
PR Custody
SA Secure Care
UB Unconditional Bail