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Oakhill Secure Training Centre Monitoring Report Released

Oakhill Secure Training Centre Monitoring Report Released

11 October 2021

This monitoring visit was unannounced. Inspectors found widespread failings that are having a significant impact on the care and well-being of children in the areas that were the focus of this visit.

Children’s day-to-day experiences are very poor. Many children described to inspectors chaotic arrangements and general disorganisation at the centre. They said that they did not know what was happening from morning to afternoon, or from one day to the next. For example, children described activities as being cancelled at the last minute. Usually, this was linked to a lack of staffing.


  • Urgently establish appropriate staffing levels to provide effective and appropriate care for children; ensure that staff are provided with a good level of support.
  • Ensure that children have a full daily routine, including full-time face-to-face education.
  • Managers should urgently review the centre’s behaviour incentive scheme and ensure that staff implement the scheme consistently and fairly for all children.
  • Take effective action to address the high temperatures on living units and other areas of the centre.

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