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I’m scared of going to prison – what is it like?

Task  Knowledge Bank Prisons 

When you start your sentence, you will go through a reception process where you will be interviewed, given a prison number and a release date, and searched to check you are not hiding anything that you should not have.

I’m a Schedule One offender, what does this mean?

Task  Knowledge Bank MAPPA 

A Schedule One offender is a person convicted of one of the crimes listed in the Children and Young Persons Act 1933. However, the term Schedule One offender has now been replaced with the term ‘person posing a risk to children’.

MG Forms

Task  Police 

Please note that this is a guidance note on what each MG Form is used for. If you are looking for access to a downloadable or viewable version of the …

I’ve been charged. What happens now?

Task  Police 

If you have been charged this means that you have been officially accused of a crime. You will be given a ‘charge sheet’. The charge sheet will tell you about the crime you have been accused of. 

What happens in a magistrates’ court?

Task  Courts 

A magistrate is a volunteer from the local area who is trained to deal with less serious criminal cases. The cases are considered by 2 or 3 magistrates or a district judge. A district judge is a lawyer. 

What happens in a Crown Court?

Task  Courts 

Crown Court deals with serious criminal cases, such as murder, rape, or robbery. 

What happens in a youth court?

Task  Courts Youth Justice 

A youth court is a type of magistrates’ court for young people between 10 and 17 years of age. A magistrate is a volunteer from the local area who is trained to deal with less serious criminal cases.

What happens to my home if I go to prison?

Task  Knowledge Bank Prisons 

If you have offended and are sent to prison, it doesn’t mean you will have to lose your home. There are things you can do to keep your home, whether you own it or rent it.

What is the Incentives and Earned Privileges Scheme (IEPS)?

Task  Knowledge Bank Prisons 

The Incentives and Earned Privileges Scheme (IEPS) is a scheme that allows prisoners to earn extra privileges. 

I have been referred to the Disclosure and Barring Service, what does this mean?

Task  Knowledge Bank 

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) maintains lists of people that are barred from work involving children or vulnerable adults, also called ‘regulated activity’.