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I have been referred to MAPPA, what now? Task

If you have specific support needs, being referred to MAPPA can help you find the support you need. 

MAPPA stands for Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements. It’s the process used to help various agencies such as the police, the prison service and probation to work together to help protect the public.  

Their job is to manage the risks of having violent or sexual offenders living in the community. 

There are three MAPPA categories based on the type of your offence: 

  • Category one: all registered sex offenders. 
  • Category two: violent or other sex offenders who don’t have certain conditions where they must tell others of their offence – these are known as notification requirements. 
  • Category three: other dangerous offenders. 

If you’ve had issues with drugs or alcohol, or your mental health, being referred to MAPPA can help you find the support you need. 

While under MAPPA, you will have to speak with your probation officer to get their permission if you want to travel abroad. Although each request is considered on a case by case basis, you will only be allowed in certain, specific casesYou can find out more here

You may also have restrictions about: 

  • Who you can or cannot work with. 
  • Where you can or cannot work. 

Your MAPPA agencies may tell your employer about your criminal record if they feel there are specific risks your employer will need to assess and manage.  

Your management plan will be highly specific to you and your history. It sets out the rules you must follow. It could include any of the following things: 

  • Living somewhere you can be monitored. 
  • A set of conditions such as not having contact with children or stopping you from going somewhere you’re not allowed. 
  • A Civil Order such as a Sex Offender Prevention Order, stopping you from doing certain activities. 
  • A requirement to check in every week with the person that manages you, known as your Offender Manager.  
  • In some cases, you may be monitored secretly. 
  • Telling a member of the public about your criminal record.  

There are three levels of MAPPA management based on the level of attention and resources that are needed to monitor you.  

Level 1 

You will be managed by a single police or probation officer. However, the police are ultimately responsible for you. Almost all offenders are managed at this level.  

Level 2 

Several agencies will manage you. At this level, regular meetings are needed between multiple agencies. These are known as multi-agency public protection meetings. 

Level 3 

You will be placed at this level if you pose a high risk of causing serious harm, or if you’re difficult to manage. Regular meetings are needed between multiple agencies. These are known as multi-agency protection panels.  

Your Offender Manager will think about any of the following things which could increase your level of risk: 

  • Drinking alcohol 
  • Taking drugs 
  • Taking a sexual interest in children 
  • Not managing your feelings properly 
  • Blaming others for your problems 
  • Thinking about sex a lot 

The following things could reduce your level of risk: 

  • Having a strong support network 
  • Having a job or being active within your community 
  • Following any treatment programmes or other requirements set out by the agencies supporting you 
  • Clearly showing you’re not going to offend again