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The police are at my house with a warrant, what are my rights? Guide

3. Before the police enter your home

What documents must the police show before raiding my home? 

Ievidence could be destroyed or if the police are carrying out an arrest and the person might escape, the police do not need to show a warrant before entering a property. 

However, if they have a warrant, the police must show it to you as soon as practicable. This is usually after they have secured the property and gathered everyone in one room. You have a right to a copy of the warrant. 

You should also check to see: 

  • If the warrant is for the correct address 
  • Why the warrant was issued – whether it is to search for drugs, stolen property or to arrest someone 
  • If someone named in an arrest warrant no longer lives at your address, explaining this to the police should help to quickly end any search 
  • When was it issued – any entry and search must be within three months from the date that the warrant was issued 

You also have a right to a Notice of Rights and Powers. This sets out the police powers and your rights. You are also entitled to see a police officer’s warrant card as a means of identification if they are not in uniform. 

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