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Linking from the Criminal Justice Hub website

We take great care over the websites we link to and review them regularly, but we are not responsible for the content of those sites. The inclusion of a link to an external website from the Criminal Justice Hub (CJH) website should not, therefore, be interpreted as an endorsement of that site, its content, or any product or service it may provide.

Transactions between users and any external site are not the responsibility of the CJH website. Read our terms and conditions.

Removal of links

If you would like us to remove a link to your website from the CJH website, please email us – [email protected].

Note that unless you have a legal right to demand removal, such removal will be at our discretion.

How our links are chosen

Before we link to an external website, we perform a rigorous check to assess its suitability. We do not link to sites in return for money, services or any other consideration in kind.

It’s a requirement of all websites that we link to that they:

  • are free to access
  • do not require registration to view basic content
  • make a clear distinction between normal editorial content and any advertising they may carry
  • haven’t been set up solely for the purposes of ordering consumables

We also ask that external websites should:

  • clearly state their sources of funding
  • have a quality-assurance procedure
  • present a responsible perspective, reflecting the existence of choices
  • are regularly reviewed and kept up to date
  • on health matters, use current and reliable clinical evidence that is verifiable from other sources
  • contain a link to

Please note that these requirements don’t generally apply to sites such as the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store that have a primary purpose of providing access to a wide range of digital tools including, but not restricted to, those categorised as being relevant to criminal justice.

Where we judge it to be helpful to our users for us to link to such sites in order to provide access to specific digital tools, we may do so without reference to some or all of the terms of our external links policy.

To submit a link for consideration, you can email the volunteer team – [email protected]. Please explain where you would like us to link from and to, and why this would benefit our users.

Social media links

In addition to linking to specific websites, we may also link to content hosted on various social media platforms. Although we choose the pages and communities we link to carefully, it’s important to understand that:

  • We do not review the pages and communities we link to at a frequency that would constitute routine or continual monitoring of their content. Individual users are free to post whatever they want on these platforms – their comments may not necessarily reflect reality, and should never be taken as legal advice.
  • Anything you post on these platforms may be publicly visible. Do not share anything you wouldn’t feel comfortable talking about with a stranger and avoid giving away too much personal information.
  • If you would like to let us know what you think about the communities we link to or report a problem, you can contact us.

Where we link to social media platforms – we highlight the nature of the linked content and its likely basis in un-validated personal experience on the page containing the links.

Understanding how social networks use your data

Social networks use information about your online activity to build a profile of you. This data is then used to send you targeted adverts across various digital platforms.

You should be aware that interacting with health-related content on social media may help to build the profile of you that social networks maintain, and could result in you receiving adverts related to health issues.

This process of collecting data for advertising purposes isn’t controlled by the CJH website, and we do not have access to the data stored by social networks about you.

You can find out more about how we manage data in the CJH website privacy policy.