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1 November 2021

Related to CJSM, this is a pipe for sending data and files (rather than email) between police, CPS and courts. Often used for submitting cases to be prosecuted, and the charging decisions leading up to them.It supports a few standards:(1) EXISS is a one-way interface. If the case is duff, CPS have to phone/email Police to give feedback and get it sent again.(2) TWIF/EXISS2 is a two-way interface which allows CPS to send secure messages back.TWIF supports charging decisions being sent as structured data. Most other documents are sent as a set of Word docs or PDFs.Digital Case File is a standard devised by CPS for sending the contents of the various case forms as structured data rather than word docs, hidden as a JSON payload alongside other documents being transferred anyway. Ultimately the ‘sending’ part will be replaced by publishing and permissions.