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Court Case Reference Number

1 November 2021

This is a unique reference number assigned to a new occurrence of a court case created on PNC. The CCRN is held by CJSE but may not be held by court systems relevant to all court types and may be used to identify cases in civil crown magistrates courts etc. Will be held in CJSE sent from Police Case systems.

Alphanumeric.YY/CCCC/NNNNNND where YY – 2 digit year/CCCC – 4 digit Court Code (OU Third Level Legacy Code)/ NNNNNN – Sequential Number D – Check character Example – 05/9876/123456R

The number must be of a valid format. The court code must be a valid court code. The check digit will be generated and validated using the standard Modulus 23 algorithm as follows.

The year court code and serial part are used to form a single value viz YYCCCCNNNNNN.

This value is divided by 23 and the remainder value equated to a check digit ( 1 to A 2 to B etc up to 0 for Z; letters I O and S not used).