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Can my loved ones visit me in prison? Task

Your loved ones can visit you when you’re in prison. This includes your partner and close family members.  

Your visitors will need to be over the age of 18 unless they are accompanied by an adult. The prison governor may allow people aged 16–18 years old to visit unaccompanied by an adult, as long as they have parental consent.  

If you have committed a sexual or violent crime, visitors under the age of 18 are not allowed. 

Prison has different rules for: 

  • When and how often you can have visitors 
  • The number of visitors allowed at the same time 

Your loved ones will only be allowed to visit if you’ve added them to your visitor list, known as the visiting order or VO. The prison will contact your loved ones once they’re on the list.  

Prison privileges 

When you’re in prison, you get different levels of benefits based on how well you behave. This can include the number of visits you can have. 

If your visitor lives a long way from the prison, they may be able to make their visit longer, but less often.  

Remand prisoner 

If you are waiting for your trial, or on remand, you are allowed three, one-hour visits a week. 

Convicted prisoner 

If you are a convicted prisoner, you are allowed at least two, one-hour visits every four weeks.  

Usually a maximum of three adults are allowed to visit at any one time.  

The number of children can vary from prison to prison, but a child is classed as an adult for seating purposes at 10–12 years old.  

This depends on your privileges or benefits and your overall well-beingVisits can be used to reward good behaviour or to help with your well-being. 

Your privileges or benefits may also be affected by the behaviour of your visitors 

If a visitor has tried to smuggle banned items into the prison, you may be put on closed visits for a length of time. This means there is a glass barrier between you and your visitors, and you’re not allowed any physical contact.  

However, you may also be allowed special visits. This could mean you have the chance to do activities like sharing a meal together.  

Find out more about how to book a visit, the available facilities and what happens on the day here

If your loved ones receive certain benefits or have a health certificate and you get no other visitors, they may be able to get help with the cost of visiting you.  

This could include costs for travel, accommodation or meals.  

Find out more here

Letters and telephone calls can be used to keep in touch with your loved ones when you’re in prison.  

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